Loving Blindly Collection

Azuri doesn't base her "acceptance" on appearance, on how someone looks, or what color they are, or what gender they identify with or what they are wearing, or what they look like. She bases her acceptance of people simply on instinct. When she meets someone she will usually stand still and listen to them. Eventually she may reach up and gently put her hand on their throat while they speak, feeling the vibration from their voice. If she receives a positive vibration she will smile and interact with that person. If she doesn't she will have nothing to do with them. She is the most loving individual I have ever come across.

What  if we all had to judge our interactions with others just based on raw instinct, how they make us feel, what kind  of world would this be? What color, what gender, what body habitus, what would the world be like. If we weren't judging people, human beings, the human race, on their "given" race.

I recently participated in a project titled "Liberation X" with Justine Micheal Williams and the Dream Bigger Foundation. At the end of this experience we were all asked to commit to a project to get people talking about race, namely prejudices and how we can help to get rid of prejudices in the world, and ultimately end racism.

"I'm only 1 person, how can I make a difference?" in making the world that Ayari and Azuri live in a place of love where people are not judged based on their color. What if, like Azuri, we had to "Love Blindly"   What would the world be like?

The "Loving Blindly" campaign is centered around getting people talking openly about race and their prejudices, being open to change. Who better to be the face of this campaign than Azuri herself. And what better way then to put her on a T-Shirt, that anyone can wear, a statement piece, to start the conversation. Help me start the conversation. Help us heal one another.

Help the "Dream Bigger Foundation"  $1 from Each T-shirt purchased will go to the Dream Bigger Foundation to help people in need.